When is the Best Time of Year to Visit Antigua?

When is the Peak Season in Antigua?

Direct flights to Antigua in the high season

When planning a trip to the Caribbean and the tiny island of Antigua, the first question travelers generally ask is, “When is the best time of the year to visit Antigua?” The peak months tend to be in winter and from mid-December to mid-April, with an average temperature in the mid-70s Fahrenheit and low rainfall. Many visitors escape winter from the colder regions of the northern hemispheres during this time. During the peak season, airlines schedule additional direct flights to Antigua from countries like the USA, Canada and the UK. Holiday times like Christmas and New Year are especially popular. 

When is the Shoulder Season in Antigua?

Snorkeling. Ffryes Beach, Antigua

The shoulder season from May to December is also very popular with travelers who enjoy a tropical climate and prefer not to pay peak season rates. While there is more rainfall during the shoulder season, it typically does not rain all day. Temperatures are pleasant and especially suited to beachside dining, snorkeling and swimming. The water temperature is inviting, with an average temperature ranging from 83 degrees Fahrenheit in May to 84 degrees in October.

Access to Antigua during the shoulder season is easy, with many airlines scheduling regular direct flights to Antigua.

When is the Low Season in Antigua?

Direct flights to Antigua in the Low Season

The low season in Antigua coincides with the rainy season from September to November. Although rain periods tend to be short, you may wish to pack an umbrella. The West side of Antigua is a little more protected from winter storms and is popular with tourists. There is something very romantic about a stroll on the beautiful Ffryes or Darkwood Beach in winter, with the stark contrast of the white sand against the stormy skies. Airlines still have direct flights to Antigua in the low season, often with some really attractive prices. The direct airfares and low season tariffs attract many travelers ready to dust off their suitcases, grab their favourite book and passport and hop on the next direct flight to Antigua.

What Do I Need to Pack for a Direct Flight to Antigua?

When packing for your direct flight to Antigua, leave the winter woolies at home. Instead, think shorts and sunnies, beach bag and bathers, slip-ons and sunscreen, resort wear for dining and perhaps some comfortable walking shoes for exploring. Antigua has a very relaxed vibe and mild climate, so you can easily get away with packing just a carry-on bag for your Caribbean getaway. Of course, you can always go shopping in the vibrant markets or local boutiques. Your concierge will be able to point you in the right direction.

Best Resort in Antigua

Where is the Best Resort in Antigua?

Tamarind Hills is located on the west coast of Antigua, nestled between Ffryes Beach and Darkwood Beach. This popular Caribbean resort features a blend of luxury beachfront villas with direct access to Ffryes Beach and Darkwood Beach, ocean-view villas and stylish studios and suites, all within a short drive from Antigua’s VC Bird International Airport. Guests can simply hop in a taxi or arrange a private transfer from the airport with our concierge.

Tamarind Hills’ location provides guests with beautiful sweeping views of the Caribbean and the most gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. Access to the main tourist area of St John’s is easy and safe, with many historical, cultural, and gastronomical delights just waiting to be discovered.

The resort offers the best beachside dining, with a private chef, a beachside bar, incredible cocktails, and meals to match.

If you are thinking about a holiday to Antigua, the best time to plan your visit is right now. Fortunately, most times of the year are great times to visit. Jump online to check out direct flights to Antigua, check our availability, and start planning your Caribbean getaway.

Tamarind Hills Resort: A Resort For All Seasons