Luxury villas in Antigua For Sale

A visit to Antigua will leave you yearning for your own slice of paradise in the Caribbean. Your very own luxury villa in Antigua is a dream you can now achieve with Tamarind Hills luxury villas in Antigua for sale.

Luxury Villas in Antigua

The Tamarind Hills range of villas, townhouses and condominiums are able to be purchased on a freehold basis, meaning you can own your own private beachfront villa overlooking the Caribbean all to yourself. Our magnificent range of villas, townhouses and condos range from one bedroom apartments to large five bedroom homes, and each and every one has unparalleled views of the sea. 

European bathrooms and kitchens and just the tip of the iceberg with these luxury villas. The pinnacle of luxury accommodation comes in the form of our villas. Each Tamarind Hills villa has a private pool, a large outdoor living space facing the stunning western ocean view. Perched upon the hillside or directly above the ocean, high speed wifi and cable TV is available throughout the villas, making luxury meet practicality with these villas. 

Luxury Villas in Antigua

Your opportunity to own your very own luxury villas in Antigua may be easier than you think. To furnish your villa, you may choose to select a professionally designed furniture package to compliment the accommodations Caribbean charm. If you are planning on renting out your accommodation, we offer a full rental management plan, along with a maintenance programme to ensure your villa is looked after year round, even when you are not able to be here yourself. 

Luxury Villa Antigua

The Antiguan Citizenship by Investment Programme is a program that allows investors in Business, the National Development Fund, the University of the West Indies Fund (UWI) or Real Estate to apply for Antiguan Citizenship upon investment into these avenues. Tamarind Hills is an approved development within the program, therefore purchasing one of our luxury villas, townhouses or condominiums enables you to apply for Antiguan citizenship. Not only will you have the benefit of being able to freely travel to your luxury villa in Antigua as you please, you also have the added benefit of applying for an Antigua and Barbuda passport, enabling entry to 151 global destinations without the requirement for a pre-planned visa, including the UK and Hong Kong.

Whether you choose to live in your luxury villa, or occasionally travel to your luxury villa Antigua as a second or holiday home, you will be able to easily access these luxury villas in Antigua with excellent connection to North America and Europe via various airlines.

If you are looking to invest in a luxury villa, Antigua welcomes you to our hidden treasure within the Caribbean.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own your very own luxury beachfront villa in the Caribbean, contact [email protected] to find out what is currently available to purchase. Preview our range of condos, townhouses and luxury villas in Antigua here.