Best Dining Experiences Near Luxury Resorts in Antigua

Tamarind Hills, arguably one of the top resorts in Antigua,  is one of few luxury resorts in Antigua that is conveniently located close to many restaurants and cafes just a short distance from our stunning beach resort. Whether it is a fine dining experience to complement your luxury holiday accommodation in Antigua, or a relaxed casual lunch overlooking the stunning beaches around Antigua that you are looking for, there is a range of restaurants and cuisines to suit all travellers. We have picked our best dining experience recommendations for you while you are staying at our luxury holiday accommodation in Antigua.

Dennis Beach Bar and Restaurant

With stunning views of the iconic Ffryes and Jolly Beaches, Dennis Beach Bar and Restaurant is a favorite amongst visitors and locals alike. Soak up the stunning beach views while enjoying a succulent Friday evening beach BBQ, or get down to the restaurant on a Sunday afternoon for the renowned suckling pig roast. The menu offers a range of both local fare and international dishes, giving you the opportunity to try some authentic Caribbean cuisine, and the extensive cocktail list will keep your thirst quenched. Got a special event to celebrate? Get in contact with Dennis Beach Bar and Restaurant to enquire about setting up events on the beach from intimate engagement dinners for two to parties for large groups.

Dennis Beach Bar is located just a short 10 minute beach walk from Tamarind Hills, with the convenient location being just one of the reasons why Tamarind Hills is considered one of the top resorts in Antigua.

Sheer Rocks

The vivid scenery around Sheer Rocks creates a stunning backdrop for this exquisite restaurant, with two cliff-front plunge pools and linen draped day beds, your luxury Antigua resort holiday is not complete without a day spent at Sheer Rocks. With one of the Caribbean’s most acclaimed chefs curating the menu with the head chef, Sheer Rocks offers Mediterranean inspired menus for both lunch and dinner. For the ultimate luxury experience, don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in one of the Sheer Rocks rock pool and daybed packages on offer. Designed for an afternoon of exclusivity, or for enjoying the panoramic sunset views, have food and drinks delivered to your private daybed between taking a dip in the rock pools perched on the cliff edges. And the best part? You can take a short 12 minute walk from your luxury Antigua Beach holiday accommodation at Tamarind Hills to reach one of the most popular restaurants in Antigua. 

Dining in Antigua


For a first class dining experience, look no further than Carmichaels at the Sugar Ridge Resort. Boasting breath-taking views of the stunning beaches of Antigua, located on the top level of the Sugar Ridge Resort, Carmichaels offers a gourmet menu featuring fresh seafood incorporating signature Caribbean ingredients. As a dinner only restaurant, you can book a private gazebo on the pool deck for an intimate candlelit dinner, making your luxury holiday feel truly special. Bookings must be made ahead so don’t miss your opportunity to dine at this superb restaurant, just a four minute drive from your luxury Antigua resort, Tamarind Hills. 

Jolly Harbour

Head down to Jolly Harbour, a quick 7 minute drive from Tamarind Hills Resort in Antigua, where you will find an abundance of dining options to choose from, all while watching boats roll into the harbour. Basilico Restaurant serves up authentic Italian food with exceptional views over the harbour, as does Al Porto. Curry & Tandoori House has people traveling across the island to enjoy their Indian curries and tandoori. While in the area, take some time to stroll around the harbour and enjoy the location around one of the top resorts in Antigua, taking in the atmosphere of island life. 

Fox House Restaurant and Bar

Conveniently located between your beach resort at Tamarind Hills and Jolly Harbour, you will find Fox House Restaurant and Bar where you can enjoy the island environment in an open garden setting with a fire pit creating a relaxed tropical atmosphere. 

Big Head Lobster Seafood Restaurant & Reggae Bar

If you are looking for the freshest seafood feast, then Big Head Lobster Seafood Restaurant & Reggae Bar is a must for visitors to Antigua and Barbuda. The Caribbean menu isn’t limited to fresh seafood with an offering of many other authentic dishes available to order. Our concierge can help you with directions or transport from your resort accommodation.

Cavells Cook Shop 

For a taste of some authentic local cuisine, Cavells Cook Shop offers a daily menu using local ingredients giving you a true taste of Antigua and Barbuda. This hidden gem along the southwest coast of Antigua, just minutes from your holiday apartment in Antigua, may not look like much to passer-by’s, but the popularity of this place speaks for itself. This quaint shack on the hill restaurant will not disappoint, a must do dining experience during your stay in Antigua and Barbuda.

Private Chef

While staying at Tamarind Hills, with your own private pool and fully equipped kitchen, why not bring the restaurant to you? Get in contact with our concierge services who can provide you with your own private chef to bring a fine dining experience to the comfort of your luxury beach villa overlooking the stunning Ffryes and Darkwood beaches, with a curated menu to suit your own desires. 

Private Chef at Tamarind Hills

Our concierge team can help you to make bookings, arrange transport, and provide other local advice, so contact us at [email protected] to make sure you don’t miss out on some of the best dining experiences near luxury resorts in Antigua.