5 Reasons To Escape The USA Winter With A Luxury Getaway To Antigua

The United States’ winters can be bitterly cold, especially in New York where winter is either loved or hated by those who endure the coldest months of the year with daily average temperatures 27°F. Here are five reasons why you should book a luxury getaway to Antigua to escape the USA winter, or even a quick Caribbean getaway!

1.  Winter Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Antigua

Cold winter days can leave you yearning for warm weather, and while the USA is enduring its coldest months of the year, from December to April, Antigua is the perfect destination to visit to warm up. In December, Antigua can experience average daily temperatures for 74°F to 82°F. Strip off the layers of coats and scarves as you farewell your home town on route to Antigua, and be sure to pack your bathers and a hat, because there is a stark difference from New York weather to the weather in the Caribbean!

2. It’s Easy To Get To Antigua in the Caribbean from New York and other parts of the USA

American Airlines and Iberia Airlines offer direct flights to the V.C Bird International Airport in Antigua from Miami and New York. In just over 3-4 hours, you could be arriving in a Caribbean paradise ready to soak up the sun and the salty ocean air of Antigua on your luxury getaway, escaping the cold US winter.

3. There Are 365 Beaches To Explore and Plenty of Tours in Antigua to Enjoy

You will be spoiled for choice of which beach you choose to thaw out on with over 365 beaches to explore in Antigua. Luckily, most of these beaches are protected by surrounding coral reefs, so the water is calm, and warm. Nothing will make you feel further from the cold USA winter than enjoying a cocktail on the beach, so make sure you check out one of the popular beach bars such as Dennis Beach Bar at Ffyres beach, or Beach Bum Bar & Care at Half Moon Bay.

4. There Are Plenty of Beachfront and Ocean Front Villas to Choose From

When planning your luxury getaway to Antigua to escape the US winter, you will find that there are many accommodation options available across the island, each with their own features and benefits depending on your preferences. Luxury beachfront villas are a very popular option due to their uninterrupted views and direct access to the Caribbean Ocean. Tamarind Hills offer a range of one to four bedroom apartments and villas all with amazing views from their private balconies. Click here to view the range of accommodation options available at Tamarind Hills.

5. The Size of Antigua makes it a very accessible island

At just 14 miles long and 13 miles wide, you are never far from a beach, tourist attraction, restaurant, bar, or your accommodation during your luxury getaway to Antigua. You can hire a car, book a tour, or easily get a taxi to take you around the island.  You can travel to almost anywhere on the island from the V.C Bird International Airport in under 40 minutes, so you can spend more of your luxury getaway enjoying all that Antigua has to offer, and less time traveling. 

As the coolest and driest time of year, December to April is the best time of year to travel to Antigua, where you can soak up the Caribbean heat and escape the fiercely cold weather of the United States. Start planning your luxury getaway to Antigua now to avoid missing out! Book here.