Wild Tamarind Restaurant

Wild Tamarind Restaurant

Award-winning Tamarind Hills Resort has expanded its facilities to include the newly completed development including the new Wild Tamarind Restaurant. Contact our restaurant directly using WhatsApp on the following number +1 268 736 7047


Situated just few steps from the luxury daybeds on beautiful Ffryes beach, the Wild Tamarind Restaurant offers a new dimension to the established excellence of Tamarind Hills. The menus embrace native influences of the Mediterranean region, from Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Turkish (Ottoman), and Greek, without forgetting the many fresh ingredients from the land and sea of the Caribbean. The Wild Tamarind Restaurant has an extensive wine list and a rich selection of cognacs, sipping rums, and fine cigars from the walk-in cellar. The experience will be complete with regular live musicians.

The Wild Tamarind Restaurant is available for bookings from Tamarind Hills guests as well as visitors who are not staying at the Tamarind Hills resort.

Book now to experience this fabulous dining experience: reservations@tamarind-hills.com or Whatsapp +1 (268) 736-7047


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